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  • I just wanted to share some good news with you. Imani was accepted to Middlebury, Franklin & Marshall, Tufts (with a Balfour/Chenault scholarship) Williams and Dartmouth. She is deciding between Williams and Dartmouth and is visiting both colleges this week. You have another 2 years before my son Mark joins the SAT prep class. Thank you for your program and tutors. Both of my children have benefited from Bell Curves. Nicole
  • I meant to email you earlier to tell you that I thought the test went very well. I'm finally emailing you now because the scores came out today. I was evidently right when I thought it went well because I got a 35!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all your help I definitely could not have done it without you!!!
  • Working with Ally made a tremendous difference for my daughter in preparing for the ACT. Ally was patient, good natured, flexible and extremely knowledgeable about the test and best practices. My daughter has never worked as well with any other tutor. Needless to say my daughter got an excellent score on her first try, thanks to Ally.
  • Nicole
  • Ty L.
  • P.J.
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